What services do you offer?

Pearls House offers the following services:

  1. College Counseling
  2. Graduate and Professional School Counseling
  3. Career Development Training
  4. College/School Admission Services including standardized tests preparation
  5. Scholarship/funding your education guidance
  6. Networking opportunities
  7. Job Application guidance and resources
  8. Access to Pearls Academy, which offers unlimited educational materials, and research tools
  9. On demand educational services
How can I access your services?

Most of our services are provided through an online platform. Please fill this form and our representatives will contact you.

Why should I choose Pearls House?

We have a strong network of mentors in Kenya and abroad with wide experience in counseling, coaching, training, and mentoring students and early career professionals. Our creative online Peer to Peer mentorship is the first one of its kind in Sub-Saharan Africa.

How can I become a mentor?

Pearls House periodically evaluates candidates to join our network of mentors. Please complete this form and upload your CV.